Toronto Zoo

Toronto ZooENGIE MultiTech has been awarded a contract for the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Health Centre. The 31,000 square feet facility replaces aging infrastructure. The original 1974 animal holding building had minor upgrades over the years which have done little to increase the quantity and quality of the space. The new health centre will lay the foundation for high-quality wildlife health, reproduction and species protection research allowing the zoo to broaden its species survival mandate and contributions to current species survival plans.

ENGIE MultiTech is the prime mechanical contractor for the general contractor Gillam Group. Our scope of work consists of the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the plumbing and drainage, HVAC, underground mechanical building systems, and medical gas systems.

Construction has commenced this spring and substantial completion is anticipated for July 2016. ENGIE MultiTech will be able to leverage our experience in health care environments to ensure an on time budget project.