Sanofi Pasteur

I recently had the opportunity to work with ENGIE MultiTech (formerly Cofely Adelt) on a cleanroom construction project on our site. The job involved demolishing the existing facility – including any existing utilities, duct work and wiring – and constructing a brand new facility in it’s place.

ENGIE MultiTech (formerly Cofely Adelt) was the mechanical contractor leading this effort and I was very pleased with the job they did. The project management team is very helpful and determined to do everything they can to make the customer happy. The on-site team was extremely co-operative and very good about communicating to Aventis everything they were doing and the progress they were making. Even since the work has been completed, ENGIE MultiTech (formerly Cofely Adelt) has been very accommodating with answering questions or providing and documentation required for our validation process.

I would certainly look forward to the opportunity of working with ENGIE MultiTech (formerly Cofely Adelt) again.

Patrick Brown,
Engineering Department
Aventis Pasteur Ltd.