Enwave Energy Corporation

ENGIE MultiTech (formerly Cofely Adelt), through Aecon, had two significant pieces of work to complete in a short period. One was the service connection from the tunnel riser into Royal Bank Centre. The other was the tie in piping from the tunnel riser at the north end into the existing distribution piping beside the Pearl Street Steam Plant. This work included a 20-inch steam pipe as well as a high pressure condensate return line.

The design on the job was being completed as your crews worked resulting in last minute direction and changes. Enwave was pushing hard to get the work done. Your crews led by Mike McGill did a great job and completed all work in time for the start up. Your welder worked for long hours in difficult conditions to complete the required welds. The insulation sub contractor was coordinated to get all required work done on time.

I think this is a good example of the benefits of an ongoing relationship between Enwave, ENGIE MultiTech (formerly Cofely Adelt) and Aecon and I hope we have more opportunities to take advantage of this.

Bill Cushing
Project Manager
Enwave Energy Corporation