EllisDon Corporation – Sick Kids

Ellis DonEllisDon would like to thank ENGIE MultiTech Ltd. (formerly Cofely Adelt) for your performance and assistance in completing the HVAC and associated work on the Sick Kids Research Tower.

The Sick Kids Research Tower is a state of the art 22 storey; 750,000 SF research laboratory located at the North West Corner of Bay St. and Elm St. in Toronto. It is a very complex Project which had stringent specifications related to air balancing and controls. The high rise nature of this Project also added complexities of planning the space and construction of the shafts as well as dealing with a lot of pressure variations throughout the building. The site logistics were also very complex.

Toward the latter part of the Project, the mechanical prime contractor (with who Adelt held a contract with) abandoned the Project due to Bankruptcy issues. This was a very difficult time for EllisDon and all involved in the Project. Adelt’s commitment to work with EllisDon throughout this process without a formal contract helped us deliver the Sick Kids Project to our Client. We appreciate all of your efforts and commitment to EllisDon and the Sick Kids Project.

I would recommend ENGIE MultiTech Ltd. for future Healthcare related work. Please feel free to have any of your current and future Clients reach out to me for further details of my recommendation.

Thank you again for your commitment to EllisDon in delivering the Sick Kids Research Tower Project throughout some very difficult circumstances.

Dan Jolivet
Construction Manager
EllisDon Corporation